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SOT Election Process

Every Organizational Team will have 2-4 licensed educators. Your Administrator will determine the size of your school’s Team and notify CCEA prior to the nomination process. By law, at least 50% of the education professionals on the Organizational Team must be CCEA members. If the membership requirement is not initially met, then the education professional(s) with the next highest vote total(s) will be selected.

Between August 28, 2017 and September 1, 2017, education professionals will nominate their colleagues or themselves to consider being elected to serve on an School Organizational Team Nominees are invited to participate in an informational webinar scheduled for August 24, 2017. Elections will take place on Thursday, September 7, 2017. Polls will be open for a 12-hour period from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM and will close at the conclusion of that period You will be permitted to cast your ballot during your contract day.

Voting will take place on a secure, dedicated website provided by CCEA. The ballot will contain a full roster of the education professionals at your school and you will select your top four (4) choices After making your selections, you will confirm and cast your ballot by inputting the last four digits of your social security number This is a secret ballot – the last four digits of your social security number are used only to verify your eligibility to vote.

If you serve at a school that operates a magnet program alongside their standard curriculum, please see our supplemental document as there are unique conditions to consider during the election process. An acceptance process will begin whereby those elected will be notified. If you are elected but do not wish to accept the position, you must notify CCEA as soon as possible so the position may be offered to the education professional with the next highest vote total Results will be reported to the school as soon as all positions are accepted.

You can download the documents by clicking on the image

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